Cameo Properties Consultancy

cameo consultancy

Cameo Properties provide a seamless service to the Developer from site or building acquisition, through all planning stages and then through the design and build phases through to practical completion. Our core expertise and experience covers:

  • Planning Consultancy - we will assist you in all aspects of Planning stage from appointment of the design team, planning strategy, concept designs, submitting planning application and following it through to the LPA decision or further through to appeal if necessary. Our objective is to maximise the real estate development potential for our Client.
  • Project Management - we have over 15 years of Chartered Project Management experience in a wide range of projects with blue contractors from residential extensions & new build through to wide range of commercial projects. We will agree targets with our Client for time, cost and quality and as your lead consultant we will actively seek to deliver on these targets through the design and build stages.
cameo properties - planning consultancy


  • Feasibility advice on scheme viability
  • Advise on current Local, Regional & National planning guidelines
  • Planning and Design & Access Statements
  • Assist with the appointment of design team
  • Layout, mix, size and specification advice, in conjunction with project architect
  • Full planning application
  • Advice on commercial, retail and leisure aspects of mixed-use schemes
  • Discharging of Planning Conditions
cameo properties - project management consultancy

project management

  • We provide Client centred project solutions
  • Agree core targets with Client in terms of Time, Cost & Quality
  • We assist to deliver Client’s Vision with a clear design and build Strategy
  • Develop and monitor Master Programme
  • Recommend & assist Client with consultant and contractor appointments
  • Management all stages of the design and build through to practical completion
cameo properties - property consultancy

property development

  • We can provide support for property search and then through to acquisition
  • We assist Client to maximise their real estate
  • Our experience includes with Master Development Strategy and Planning
  • We can provide outline development, cost and sales feasibility report
  • We market test concept and strategies before commence of design and build stages